Our Finance & Lease Department


Financing at Jeff Smith’s County Chevrolet is always a simple and enjoyable process, and you will never feel pressured or feel that you do not understand the financing or leasing options available to you. The key to our success at Jeff Smith’s County Chevrolet is that we work as a team with our clients in a respectful and honest environment where the only goal is to help you find the right financing plan for your needs. We also offer a wide range of protection plans including Walkaway that will keep you protected and ensure peace of mind.

At Jeff Smith’s County Chevrolet, we have attractive financing and leasing plans for all of our new GM vehicles as well as affordable financing on all of our Chevrolet pre-owned vehicles. You’ll see, it’s easy to save at Jeff Smith’s County Chevrolet when you buy a new vehicle.

Our team of financing experts, first of all, make sure they understand your situation, your budget, your expectations, and your lifestyle. This is how we can offer you a financing solution tailored to you. Afterward, we take the time to explain the financing and leasing plans that are available so that you can make an informed decision.


Even if you don’t have good credit, we will be able to help you at our financing department. We will be able to get you the loan you need and help you improve your credit as well. We work with each client individually to better understand their needs and tailor our financing solutions to their situation. We can help you today as well.


Not sure if you should lease or finance your next vehicle? Our team here at Jeff Smith’s County Chevrolet can help. We will explain in detail the differences between our leasing and financing plans while also answering all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision.

To find out more about our financing and leasing solutions, come and meet Dayna or Meagan today at Jeff Smith’s County Chevrolet.

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